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About Game: Demo APK: GUNSHIP HELICOPTER WAR 3D is FPS shooting Game. Soldier… be alert … there is an enemy helicopter invasion in our near by army remote camp. Enemy has attacked with there fully loaded military helicopters. Its time to show the best ever ground to air attack. You are equipped with RPG (Rocket Propelled Gun), target the helicopters and shoot at will. Do not give the heli enough time to fire at your position. - Free download GUNSHIP HELICOPTER WAR 3D

About Code And Customization: For Code help please our descriptive documentation where we defined about project code and plus about adds network(Addmob+leadbolt) Key Features: -Menu Background —Admob Integrated —-Leadbolt Integrated —– No Flash Player Required. —No extra code is required —Step-By-Step Documentation is Included —Complete Documentation include in Package. —-Demo apk include in Package.

Just you have to Change your Graphics, Package Name, integrate a admob Ad Code Difficulty all the things are include in documentation folder of Package with screenshots Support: Please ask any question at any time regarding this 3D Game.if you can not download the apk file that is attached in demo so please ask to the following ids. Skype id wasifgc Email:


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